The Digby Difference

Professionally Trained Security Teams for You

Digby’s Makes Sure You Have the Right People on Your Security Team

  • Recruitment
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Informed Hiring Decision Process

Digby’s leverages our state-licensed security training facility, which is used by many of our competitors to train their own security personnel, as a recruitment ground for superior applicants.

We target students at the Digby’s Training Academy who score in the top fifth percentile for recruitment to our team.

Digby’s also conducts outside geographically focused recruitment initiatives and participates in career events focused on military personnel and school students when and as needed to ensure our staff meets our high standards.

Pre-employment Screening:

Digby’s employment pre-selection criteria includes successful demonstration of:

  • Ability to physically perform the job functions;
  • Negative drug test results;
  • Low to average risk as indicated through psychological evaluation;
  • Proof of High School or GED equivalency;
  • Eligibility to reside and work in the United States (I-9 through E-Verify);
  • Literacy in the English language (speaking, reading with normal comprehension and writing) through in-person interview and completion of written questionnaires and a sample scenario-based incident report;
  • No criminal conviction history revealed through background and fingerprint checks;
  • Verifiable work history through background check;
  • Verifiable and uninterrupted residency history through background check;
  • Possession of valid State of Illinois twenty (20) hour unarmed security officer training certificate;
  • Valid PERC card.
Informed Hiring Decision Process:

Digby’s Human Resources professionals review the pre-employment screening results including their interviews with each candidate and, if they judge Digby’s standards are met, will make a hiring recommendation to your Account Manager. Your Account Manager will verify the recommendation and personally conduct a final interview of each candidate before making a final formal hiring decision for your assigned personnel.


Digby’s Makes Sure Your Officers Know What to Do and When to Do It

  • Professional Training Program
  • On-the-job Orientation Training
  • On-post Refresher Training
  • Paid Supplemental Training
Professional Training Program:

In addition to state-mandated training, Digby’s provides pre-assignment account-specific training for your personnel covering:


  1. Standards of conduct and attitude on and towards the job;
  2. Specific duties of the individual guard or supervisor;
  3. Report writing;
  4. Progressive discipline and associated procedures.
On-the-job Orientation Training:

Every new officer will be provided on-the-job orientation training at the site to which they have been assigned by a supervisor. The supervisor will relate the physical layout to what the officer should do, look for and potential issues associated with various parts of the site that the officer may encounter.

On-post Refresher Training:

Supervisors will provide on-post refresher training to security staff based on their observations of behavior by individual security officers to proactively remediate potential issues they identify.

Paid Supplemental Training:

Every officer may earn an additional fifty-two (52) hours pay annually (non-billable to you) by attending regularly scheduled supplemental training classes.

How Digby’s Retains My Top-performing Security Officers

  • Retention Plan For Top Performers
  • Best Compensation Possible
  • No Surprise Assignments or Work Conditions
  • Significant Training Investment
  • Benefit Plans and Paid-time-off
  • Career Development and Advancement
  • Fair and Transparent Discipline Process
  • Recognition Awards
  • Opportunities to Earn Supplemental Compensation
Retention Plan For Top Performers:

Digby’s values the experience and professionalism that our officers represent and we want to keep dedicated officers as part of the Digby’s family. To that end, Digby’s employs several initiatives to encourage officer retention.

Best Compensation Possible:

When negotiating contracts we work to obtain the best compensation possible for our officers.

No Surprise Assignments or Work Conditions:

Our recruiters, HR personnel, trainers and supervisors are trained to set and communicate realistic expectations as to what each assignment involves.

Significant Training Investment:

We make a significant investment in our officers through training as detailed earlier above.

Benefit Plans and Paid-time-off:

We provide quality benefit programs that are of real value to our officers, including:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid-time off and
  • Credit Union membership
Career Development and Advancement:

We strive to execute succession planning and develop our officers for potential advancement within the account and company so that they can see they have a future at Digby’s.

Fair and Transparent Discipline Process:

We use an established progressive discipline process that is communicated to all officers so that they understand what performance standards are expected and will not be caught unaware if they fall short.

Recognition Awards:

Where permitted by contract, we use Recognition Award programs that reward desired behavior and outstanding performance.

Opportunities to Earn Supplemental Compensation:

We offer opportunities for officers to earn additional compensation in areas that align with Digby’s goals such as:

  • Paid supplemental training – our officers can each earn as much as 52 additional hours’ pay per year by attending supplemental training classes and Digby’s is happy to invest in a better trained guard force;
  • Employee Referral Bonuses – our officers earn monetary bonuses for employee referrals because Digby’s knows resulting hires often turn out to be among our best team-members.

How Digby’s Ensures and Maintains My Security Team’s Professional Appearance and Performance.

  • Professional Training Program (Described earlier above)
  • 24-Hour Operations Center and In-Field Inspection Team
Uniforms and Equipment:

Digby’s issues seasonally appropriate uniforms to each officer and supervisor so that they may maintain a sharp professional appearance. Uniform issue includes short or long sleeve shirts, trousers, belts, headgear, wind breakers, winter coats, foul-weather gear, badges, name plates, ties and tie-bars and other equipment as appropriate.

24-Hour Operations Center and In-Field Inspection Team:

Digby’s has In-Field Supervisory Inspection teams and an Operations Center that are in operation 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Our Operations Center is located at our 2850 S. Wabash Avenue facility.

Our In-Field Supervisors routinely visit and inspect officers on-post to inspect performance, appearance, and to provide in-field guidance and remedial training when appropriate.

At the Operations Center, a Watch Commander, the Digby executive-in-charge, is on duty at all times including weekends and is the primary initiator of appropriate escalation within Digby’s as and when developing situations require response.

The Operations Center monitors two-way radio communications and will call for assistance or call in a field supervisory presence as and where needed.

The Operations Center is the first to learn of officers who have called off, are running late or will possibly be reporting beyond the start time of their shift for any reason because it receives all officer calls and monitors a live visual representation of each shift start or change as it is occurring. The Operations Center thus anticipates needs and notifies qualified replacement officers and supervisors as necessary to ensure service staffing to your site is as contracted.