Digby’s Services

Armed Security Service

Digby’s provides armed security to the client who needs high level security protection. Digby's has highly trained professionals who can handle armed security which provides confidence and value to our customers.

Unarmed Security Service

Digby’s provides unarmed security at high standards. Our unarmed security officers are highly skilled in maintaining security at particular site locations within our clients guidelines.

Patrol Service

Digby's patrol services offer a physical deterrent to suspicious activity occurring in the patrol area. The frequency and checkpoints of patrols can be designated to ensure that the location is sufficiently covered to meet your security needs.

COVID-19 Vaccination Security Service

Digby's provides highly-trained security professionals to safeguard supplies, observe and deter any potential issues, and ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to by those receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

Construction Site Security Service

Digby's provides highly trained professionals at the construction site.

Campus Security Service

Digby’s provides specialized trained professionals to ensure the safety and security of students, staff, faculty and guests on the school's campus.

Mass Transportation

Digby’s provides highly trained teams of security that meets high customer-service level requirements for interactions with the public.

Property Site Management

Digby's provides highly trained and efficient security to maintain a peaceful, respectable, and dependable environment for staff and residents at a particular site.

Financial Institutions

Digby’s provides a specialized and experienced security approach unique to financial institutions, which are high-profile, high-threat public venues that require a higher level of security.

Fingerprinting Service

Digby's highly trained fingerprint technicians provide live scan fingerprinting services. Digby's can also bring our mobile fingerprinting services to your business.

Remote Monitoring Service

Digby's provides remote monitoring services through technology which serves as a highly effective deterrent to help prevent security breaches from occurring.

Data Analytics

Digby's uses data analytics to comes up with insights to deploy security officers to the right place at the right time.

How Digby’s Ensures and Maintains My Security Team’s Professional Appearance and Performance

  • Digby’s Training Institute
  • 24 Hour operation Center
  • Providing security officers with PPE Kit and Face Masks during COVID-19